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TerraReach is lead generation marketing platform for all kinds of businesses to reach your valuable customers and increase revenue.

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Find Emails

Find emails from B2B contacts, companies and local businesses

Send Emails

Sales Sequence, Newsletter Campaigns With Unlimited Emails

Extract Social

Extract emails and automate your visits and connection requests

Chat Bots

Create chatbot to capture and convert visitors to leads

Why should you choose TerraReach?

Our platform offers you a suite of products that you can use for your marketing in order to grow your company, find leads, send emails, create chatbots and more.

A Suite Of Marketing And Sales Generation Products

Our package includes multiple sales generation tools that you can use to grow your company.

Get More Leads And Customers

All our tools are oriented to drive new leads and customers to your company to make it grow.

Unlimited Access To All Products

We offer Unlimited access to all the software we have without no limit, do not pay anymore per lead!

Our Clients, Our Assets

User Friendly Dashboard

No need to be tech savvy

Features to Power Up Your Effort

Not just a pretty interface

Data Enrichment

Find leads from a list of companies. Get leads from a list of companies or domains. For B2B companies, Sales and Growth Hackers.

Email Extraction

Extracts emails, social media URLs, and usernames (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), phone numbers on all pages of each website.

Build Target Lists

Find new leads in one click and create targeted lists based on job title, location, country, industry, and company size.

Chat Bot

Install a chatbot to capture information from your visitors. Convert your visitors into leads. Automatically chat with your visitors.

Daily Registered Domains

Get around +100K leads of new domains created each day with location, phone numbers, emails, domains, registered date, and more.

Online Review Management

A simple widget on your websites to increase reviews and force your visitors to put a review about your website.

Sales Sequence, Newsletter Campaigns

Create emailing or sequence campaigns. Generate your customers by sending newsletters or cold emails.

API To Prevent Fake Emails

Each time someone registers to your service, ping this API to verify if the email is correct and not a disposable email

Social Proof Notification

Generate and display notifications on your website by installing a widget to show random messages to your visitors.


Get connected to your favorite apps


Cut Down workload by connecting your favorite channels.

Get connected with your favorite apps. Reduce the workload of lead generating strategy to increase your potential customer list.

Customer Reviews

What TerraReach users say

Andun C.
Andun C.Founder at Genuine Gamevision
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TerraReach helps us connect with valuable leads at scale without losing valuable time. Time we can spend to deliver more value.
Monali K.
Monali K.CEO at Hourlane
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TerraReach is simple. That is what I am looking for, its simplicity got us crazy amount of leads to manage.
Dimuthu E.
Dimuthu E.CEO at Shopzure
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We like TerraReach because it's a solution with a lot of metrics that allows us to follow up on our customers efficiently.

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By purchasing our software you’re not only helping yourself to generate more revenue but also becoming a contributor to a country to rebuild who are facing a major economical crisis.